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Best defence a good offence

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This story has been going on for a little while, due to the courts pushing things back and constant reschedules. So, for legal reasons, the court of public opinion has been silenced, and we largely have been spared the vitriol.

But, I think something needs to be said, and it’s up to a traffic-less site to say it.

Swimmer and part-time thug Nick D’Arcy has pleaded guilty to the charge of recklessly causing grievous bodily harm. D’Arcy has maintained throughout that his attack was purely in self-defence, and therefore totally justified.

You know, like how our defence forces are currently in other countries, “defending” our great nation.

I guess there are different ways to defend yourself, and even avoid situations in where things get inflamed to the point where we break out into fisticuffs. I mean, I can understand if people have a few too many, they are inclined to not be thinking too straight. In fact, by monitoring the bodies lying on the side of the road and viewing the antics on any given Saturday night in the city, I think that thinking is far from the agenda for people.

Some people may react by walking away from a confrontation. Some might yell a bit before walking away. Others might push others around before pretending that they can’t fight because their mates are “making” them walk away. These still seem like far more better ideas than slamming someone’s face in… you know… in self defence.

But in this black and white world, where Google can give us an answer – and therefore make you feel like your opinion is credible – I cannot look past this site. But what would the Police know?

Of particular note:

Further, self defence cannot amount to retribution. If an accused was assaulted by another person, then while defending him or herself, continued to fight the original attacker to the point that he or she becomes the aggressor, then self defence will not apply. The reason is that the victim did not do what was needed in the circumstances, but went beyond what was needed to defend themselves.

I’m no lawyer, and I’m sure that these things can be massaged a little to work out a defence that sorta fits with all involved. And yes, I wasn’t there either, so I don’t have any right to weigh in on this.

But, I’m sorry. I’m still not convinced that smashing in another person’s head is “self defence”. Just as much as I’m not sure that burping loudly and farting is “scintillating dinner conversation.”


Written by Andy

November 26, 2008 at 6:49 pm

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Eating cake

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The world is in a funny state at the moment. There’s been meltdowns so crazy that it’s caused a wee bit of mayhem on Wall Street. Big companies which might’ve been considered unshakeable have been brought to their knees by the realisation that investing make-believe money into houses which occupy people with make-believe personalities, who work in make-believe industries who then take out more make-believe money to purchase trash, with the belief that their house is making them make-believe-rich… isn’t exactly the most sustainable business plan.

But more has been written about that by more smarter people than I. Besides, this site and its lack of traffic is testament to people contributing to a make-believe cause.

A story was just published about how Australians believe that we’re already in recession, despite the fact that Australia has shown no signs of negative growth, let alone a continued period of negative growth, which is the technical definition of recession.

Solutions to our current turmoil have been to stimulate things by giving breeders money, through to simply using methods not unlike The Secret to simply wish it away.

The latter seems to have been run with in some of the comments.


They probably missed the constant stories of politicians reassuring us that our economy is just apples.

Although they do raise the point about how the media should only report the facts, which is a little bit of a no-brainer, especially for someone like me who prays idealistically for an educated and ethical press, but is instead force-fed shots of either Australian Idol losers or headlines about Jennifer Hawkins’ boobs (which leads to a story about everything but…). But they mention fully gagging the media unless they only say things that are factual and don’t do any damage to Australia.

… which seemed to be where most of the controversy about Australia’s anti-sedition laws stemmed from. Or, for a more tenuous link, the proposed mandatory net-nanny which is looking to ban things that are unsavory for Australians.

So… what the fuck is it? Free information, unhindered by the powers that be, and therefore a more informed populous which can make informed decisions about the direction of the country, or a state in where we have fields of tulips broadcast on 12 foot screens, and have sunshine systematically blown up our arses every two hours to remind us that all is well?

Geez, and I thought we preferred people telling it like it is…

Written by Andy

November 24, 2008 at 10:53 pm

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Dearly De-folded

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I’ve only just recently been tuning into the commercial radio stations in the morning for some reason. There’s something strangely compelling about listening to people ramble and then giggle inanely at each others’ jokes.

I caught the tail-end of a competition on SA-FM’s breakfast show in where the winner gets their loved one flown home from halfway around the world in order to reunite people in a sea of tears and clusters of hugs.

Apparently a loved one had to answer a series of questions, and the amount they answered correctly determined the length of time the loved one was going to stay in the country.

So, the competition winner was flown all the way home from the other side of the globe, where they could potentially be back with their family for a whole hour. Of course, this beggars the question, who on earth thought that this would end well?

Because he only could stay for an hour.

I’ve done the leg all the way around the world, as many Australians have. When you get to the other side, your temper is a bit on edge. You could snap within a minute. Considering the contempt with which I treated the poor lady at the Charles de Gaulle train station, I’m not surprised that the French are considered arrogant pricks.

If I were to fly halfway around the world to get to a destination in where I spent an hour before nicking off back from where I came, you can be pretty sure there would be blood. Lots of it.

After considering this idea, it seemed to smack of the usual Reality TV philosophies, ie promise the world to contestants only to instead prod incessantly at their weak spots until they eventually snap in an explosve tantrum, the size of which Naomi Campbell would “tsk-tsk”, shake her head in disdain and utter “well that was a bit over the top”.

But the community of Adelaide rallied behind the family, demanding that the breakfast team stop being Hitler-esque jerks and allow him to stay a bit longer.

Their blog exploded with comments:

Sarah says

This sucks – this is a CRUEL and HURTFUL game – Your should never have done it in the first place – Playing with peoples emotions for your own sick pursuit of ratings – How Dare you do this to a family that have been apart for 2 years – it is DISGUSTING – You have lost me and a lot of people from my work as listners – Absolutly horrible. What did you think would happen Amber – Did you think it would all be happy familys – Questions were far far far to hard!! What sister knows her siblings favourite Football star – I know i dont – For god sake rSAFM redeem yourself and stop this stupid game and let chris stay!!

Posted Thursday 20 November, 2008 8:26 AM

I can’t find the rules on the website, but I’m pretty sure that there’s no clause in there about how the questions have to be easy. Also, the “pursuit of ratings” point seems to lose its sharpness when you realise that’s how these stations function. That’s right, if there’s no ratings you can be pretty sure that your trip in the car to and from work will either be silent or blasting with the sound of starving Uni students (both presenting and playing the music).

Regardless, the fear of being lynched by an angry mob of family supporters and irrational, ravenous girls that make up their core demographic got too much for the suits and they folded quicker than an origami champion. It was possibly helped along by Amber Petty, who steadfastly and repeatedly maintained on air that this competition “never sat well” with her. Pretty easy to say that when you face being spat on in the street and being called a witch.

Although, I can understand that when it was another department that dreamed up this car crash, and the breakfast team were simply the blaring car horns.

I must say, though, that I bet the competition organisers are rueing bringing a soccer player back, though. We all know how peaceful and calm soccer supporters are, don’t we?

Written by Andy

November 21, 2008 at 12:12 pm

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