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Shotgun Fame

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The week in news has been a barrel of events, what with swine flu, people double dipping into stimuli and the Chaser conducting their own investigation into the group sex scandal. But the top event, according to has been the girl who has been lovingly labelled “Clare the Bogan”.

So, when news came up that she might be being woo-ed to join the ranks of television personalities, there were the usual question marks.


Unbelievable indeed.

WIth the advent of reality television, the media has immediately jumped aboard to cash in on everybody else’s 15 minutes of fame. Sure, Andy Warhol might have incredibly right, however he did not disclose whom should benefit from the fame. The immediate assumption that people make is that when they become famous, they will be the beneficiaries. However, what has happened is that the media has quickly managed pluck unsuspecting wannabes from the tree of obscurity and juicing their 15 minutes out before discarding the husk into the bin.

So, the media is responsible, surely? Nope, they know what people like to see.

The problem is you. And it’s me. We are collectively responsible for the rise of the vapid non-personality that everyone else likes to see fall from grace. We click on their stories, we tune into their appearances and we comment on their “lack of talent” as though we’re the fucking experts. And when we see them waving what appears to be $100, could it be because we actually want to be in their shoes?

news $100

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Yes. I want money for thirty seconds of “work”. All it costs is a little dignity and everlasting ridicule.

Whilst I can hate this kind of placing Josie Everybody on the pedestal for all to survey, I mostly hate that by even outlining my distaste for it, writing a blog post about it, providing links to it, and splattering my post tags with her name, label and catchphrase, I am in fact – even if somewhat ironically – cultivating and nurturing the phenomena, like everybody else.

I should be ashamed of ourselves.


Written by Andy

May 30, 2009 at 1:19 pm

Egad, the bogans… again

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From this story about the Lord Mayor wanting bogans to stay away from the city on New Years Eve, and the associated comments:




It seems that the term “bogan” is becoming quite liberal. It’s hard to not be a little confused as to who is being targetted when somebody drops the b-word. Despite this story not being about how people are being labelled, I do feel a little compelled to paste in a quote for the ages. Something that could quite possibly be up there with “ask not what your country can do for you… etc”

… bogan it up at home

Robert Doyle
Lord Mayor of Melbourne


In the spirit of equality, the comments have largely descended into elitism and classism. On one hand, you have your despicable bogan, beer-swilling types, who are clearly out to ruin everyone else’s night by means of violence. On the other hand you have the despicable toffy, chardonnay-swilling types who are clearly out to ruin everyone else’s night with policing.

Squint hard enough, and you just might be able to tell these groups apart.

I’ve noticed, however, that over time the definition of a bogan has become quite broad, and difficult to pin down. Due to my straddling of the line by enjoying both wine and motorsport, I’m often called a bogan and a wanker from both sides of these groups. And also a “see you next Tuesday” by a certain bloke on Hutt Street as I walk to work each morning.

And I’m guilty of it too; applying the term liberally without considering the true definition.

I’ve said before that I’ve been a bit snobby, derisively regarding a group of polo shirted knobs as they crash their way up to the bar. Despite their spiky hair and faux designer sunglasses, I’ll snort in their direction before cowardly muttering “bogans” into my whisky.

I guess the comment of the day goes to this one, who managed to sneak in around the swear filter when it was dosing and drooling on its keyboard.


So, it seems that “bogan” is simply a term for those people who don’t behave like we do. Or… if you’re not a loud extrovert who lacks a sense of decorum, you’re branded a wanker.

What have I achieved with this piece? Not much, clearly. As this above comment says (quoting the band TISM) In this country, you’re either a bogan or a wanker, unless you try to keep a foot out of both those parties, in which case you’re both.

Written by Andy

December 30, 2008 at 7:35 pm