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Rudd is a four letter word

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Quite a day in the news. When Minister’s aren’t resigning over the fact that they are merely human… repeatedly merely human, the Prime Minister comes forward with a startlingly fresh idea. Honesty.

Yep, it seems that Australia isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, and all the magic of The Secret isn’t going to help us out, either. And with such harsh times bearing down on us like a runaway locomotive upon a fragile bunny, the people rally behind our honourable and honest leader.


Yeah. He hasn’t said one positive word. Totally.

There’s that fucking Secret method of approaching economics again. Yes, I can understand that sentiment plays a rather large role with the demand side of the equation, but I think that people don’t study these kinds of things at university year upon year just to walk out the other side with the conclusion that spend = good. Heaven forbid that things as academic as job prospects, debt serviceability, and job market strength might have an impact upon households’ willingness to buy four cent shite at vastly inflated (but discount at the retailer) prices.

And I’m not an economist by any stretch of the imagination.


I think he might be talking about the $900 vote-bribe that’s coming to all Australians who paid tax last year. Or maybe the Christmas bonus that was handed out to (gag) “Working Families”, and pensioners.

Even as a childless non-pensioner, I can see the rationale behind plying the populace with free cash. That’s not to say I agree with it. However, isn’t slagging off these orgies of cash on the basis that they were giving much of it to those who didn’t pay tax, is to also suggest that maybe the other “much” part of it was also given out to those who actually… well… did…?

It’s heartening to know that even during times of decline, where we could end up feasting upon cans of dog food as we huddle beneath the underpass, there will always be an armchair there, where we can sit and be experts.


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April 21, 2009 at 12:10 am

Rates rate

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I remember a simple time in life where chicken used to taste good, sketch comedy TV shows were tolerable instead of downright excruciating and when matters relating to finance were for starched shirts, four-eyes and cardigans. Eyes in the lounge room would glaze over the moment that “Dow Jones” and the “price of gold” was mentioned, and Dad would exit the room to fetch another beer.

But these days, it seems that everything finance and economic related is monitored. Everyone goes on about “supply and demand”, “cost-push inflation” and some crazy being called “Chindia” that’s going to save Australia’s economic butt.

Over the past year, people have been harping on about how interest rates have risen far too much. Home owners are stressed because their repayments have skyrocketed, and many are under what is termed “mortgage stress“.

Our Liberal government went to war these past couple elections, campaigning that under their gubmint that interest rates would be lower than under Labor. It worked in 2004. Didn’t work in 2007. However, since Labor came into power, there had been two official interest rate hikes couple and a bunch of unofficial rate hikes by our local money vaults.

Of course, the fanboys for Liberals had swallowed the 2004 election campaign punchline and sinker, and served it up… simply forgetting a little thing about interest rates. Yeah, a small thing… rates don’t care who’s in power

Before, I spoke about fanboys for Apple/Microsoft. It amazes me that people will follow a political party like they follow a football team. At least with football there’s an umpire you can blame. At least with football, you’re expected to punch out a supporter of the other team. In politics, that seems a little unsporting…

But against all odds, what with Labor being in power and all, the Reserve Bank cut rates today.

And let’s look at the fallout.


Well, that’s just creepy. I can see the Kevin Rudd altar flanked by incense, with a banner reading “our saviour” scrawled in mandarin arching gloriously overhead.


Yeah. I am sure the ol’ economy was just bustling along just fine like a well trained puppy but the moment that Labor took the leash, it decided to stop. Just plant its arse on the dirt and refused to budge. That’s how fickle the economy is, and it totally isn’t dependent on our trade links with the United States, Japan, China, the Middle East and Europe. Or perhaps even that little credit crunch that is going on.

I mean, I’m no economic genius, but I’m pretty sure that even if the Liberals were somehow given power tomorrow as a result of Rudd making a drunken promise to Costello at their latest visit to Scores nightclub, the puppy will still stick its arse on the ground.

I guess there is something here that restores some faith:


However, I’d extend the question to “How are politicians in any way directly linked to interest rates at all?”*

It still baffles me a little how over the course of the past few years that finance talk is somehow more popular than anything else these days. I guess the notion of Aussie mateship has been turfed out as we all compare just how “smart” we are to be making money. Good to see we stand united.

(* and no, I’m interested in how gubmint determined fiscal policy can affect interest rates. My point is: fanboys are stupid)

Written by Andy

September 2, 2008 at 9:38 pm

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iPhone flaw confuses readers

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After waiting over a year to get our greasy mits on a (locally released, non hacked) iPhone, it seems that stories on the iPhone’s flaws just crop up from everywhere. If it’s not connectivity issues, or misleading ads then it’s the latest security bugs that allow anyone to access you phone, even if you don’t know the phone’s PIN.

However, I am yet to meet an iPhone user who actually locks their phone with a passcode. However, I am sure companies have security certificates to enforce this kinda protection.

Of course, Apple fans – and Apple themselves – have been known to bask in the glorious smugness that comes from using an esoteric operating system, much like how triple j listeners wear their t-shirts as a symbol of their superior taste in music, and immediately label a band as “sell out” the moment that commercial radio has the audacity to play their band’s music. The copious amounts of security flaws in Vista has been fodder for Apple’s marketing department for ages now.

Now, it seems that their smugness is being repaid, with a little interest thrown in on top.

Naturally, with any story in the mainstream media about a weakness in the Apple brand comes the comments. Naturally, many comments have sweet fuck all to do with the actual topic being discussed.

First up is the smug Apple fanboy:


Yeah. Nothing fires up your enemies more than mocking their ability to write viruses for your software. Apple’s security through obscurity may not last long when morons like the above are waving their arse around, just daring malicious code writers to infect them. Ahem. However, moron-ness aside, Peter has nicely missed the point of the article, instead spouting the virtues of desktop OSX rather than a bug in iPhone OSX. Way to go.

But in the interest of providing balance, here is the typical ranting anti-Apple boy


We all know that the iPhone was heavily marketed, but to me a lot of the hype seemed to be media driven. However, out of all the devices on the market, the iPhone would be the least insecure I think. Considering that it’s selling point is its sleek looks, I doubt it sits in front of the mirror wondering if its new plastic back makes its butt look big. Maybe the iPhone needs more random compliments to curb its insecurity? Regardless, branding another set of tech users “iTards” is the charm I usually expect from the knuckle-dragging readership on sites like this.

But let’s not forget that one type of fanboy creates the alternative-view-fanboy.

MS Fanboy

If merit was granted by sales and popularity, then I guess Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” is an unbridled triumph of aural stimulation. He makes an interesting point about the “multi-billion dollar injection”, with the only flaw in the argument that it was a multi-million dollar injection. At least, that’s what it says in this report. I know that the “M” and “B” keys are close to each other on the keyboard, but can you imagine the stink caused had Bob from MS Accounting accidentally signed over a cheque for 1.5 billion dollars instead of the agreed 150 million? Bill wouldn’t have been happy.

However he makes the point that without Microsoft, there wouldn’t be an iPhone. Fair call. However, had there been no iPhone, we wouldn’t need to read this drivel from Chris from Perth.

Although, the award for not even reading the story goes to:


Hack? Who said anything about hacking? I mean, I personally thought that hacking was an involved process of coding and compiling etc. I mean, I have an iPhone and I replicated the problem on my handset… does that make me a l337 h4x0r? Who knew that pressing “Emergency Call” and double clicking the Home button was all it took? Take that, Computer Science nerds.

However, as pointed out by other commenters, only the supremely moronic would store their banking details on their mobile phone. But then again, these are commenters.

My opinion on all of this? It’s a glaring fault on Apple’s part, but it’s not like it’ll make or break the company. It was an oversight. An error. I’m pretty sure whoever is responsible is on the receiving end of one of Steve Jobs’ famous tantrums. As for those people who feel compelled to jump aboard a something based upon its name, be it Apple or Microsoft, Liberal or Labor, Holden or Ford, Kirby or Dyson… well, perhaps their kind is best left to writing mindless wank on comments boxes.

God knows we don’t need them in positions of importance.

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August 31, 2008 at 9:13 pm

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