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Too sexy to read

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With the spread of news across the internet, you’d think that outlets would try to best take advantage of the medium and wring out the benefits of new technology. Instead, what we’re given is more imaginative ways to place page three girls around the place.

Anything for the clicks, I guess.

Take the story of the lady who was laid off from prominent New York corporation (and therefore ultimately a legit front for a Bond-esque villain), Citibank. To ingest the headline on its own, you could draw the typical conclusions and spend the next day exclaiming to your workmates about how ridiculous this world is, and how evil companies will do anything to lay off people to make themselves feel better.

Within the story hides a small, but important, detail.

“The purported reasons for plaintiff’s termination included that she failed to meet the required new account opening quotas, in addition to the credulity-straining assertion that her clothing choices were ‘inappropriate’,” the suit said.

The section highlighted in italics would be a reason for anyone to be fired, and not just the hotties. The part I bolded indicates that these are the claims made by the poor stunner, and are the things that should be debated.

This is a detail missed by many in the comments. Of course there are the “phwoar, why would you fire that piece of work? I’d love it if she worked for me” comments, but they are as inane as they are ironic.

I mean, why would you leap to the defense of a woman who was allegedly a victim of her appearance… by commenting on her appearance?

I love how people take one instance of possible discrimination and then extrapolate it out to the point where it is the symptom of a massive societal problem. Man comments on woman, and it’s ultimately a sign that it’s a man’s world and that there’d be no wars with women in charge. Woman comments on man, and it’s a sign that women have surpassed their equal rights, are treating men as servants and that if men were in charge, the wars would be over by now.

Or, you can just take this for what it is: a single story does not phenomenon make.

I think this one pretty much beats me to the punch.

Two sides to every story. However, I sincerely doubt that Citibank will come forward and state, categorically, that this lady was “too hot”

However, the fact that story links to a site which has 20-odd, semi glam shots of this lady, model poses and all, does set off my cynic alarm. Will we be seeing photos of this one appearing in FHM or similar soon?

How many hits did Village Voice get from this story from people who were at work? Did they all click on those photos of her bending over, or crossing her legs in that sultry way?

Do you think people got distracted?


Written by Andy

June 4, 2010 at 8:00 am