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Rudd is a four letter word

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Quite a day in the news. When Minister’s aren’t resigning over the fact that they are merely human… repeatedly merely human, the Prime Minister comes forward with a startlingly fresh idea. Honesty.

Yep, it seems that Australia isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, and all the magic of The Secret isn’t going to help us out, either. And with such harsh times bearing down on us like a runaway locomotive upon a fragile bunny, the people rally behind our honourable and honest leader.


Yeah. He hasn’t said one positive word. Totally.

There’s that fucking Secret method of approaching economics again. Yes, I can understand that sentiment plays a rather large role with the demand side of the equation, but I think that people don’t study these kinds of things at university year upon year just to walk out the other side with the conclusion that spend = good. Heaven forbid that things as academic as job prospects, debt serviceability, and job market strength might have an impact upon households’ willingness to buy four cent shite at vastly inflated (but discount at the retailer) prices.

And I’m not an economist by any stretch of the imagination.


I think he might be talking about the $900 vote-bribe that’s coming to all Australians who paid tax last year. Or maybe the Christmas bonus that was handed out to (gag) “Working Families”, and pensioners.

Even as a childless non-pensioner, I can see the rationale behind plying the populace with free cash. That’s not to say I agree with it. However, isn’t slagging off these orgies of cash on the basis that they were giving much of it to those who didn’t pay tax, is to also suggest that maybe the other “much” part of it was also given out to those who actually… well… did…?

It’s heartening to know that even during times of decline, where we could end up feasting upon cans of dog food as we huddle beneath the underpass, there will always be an armchair there, where we can sit and be experts.


Written by Andy

April 21, 2009 at 12:10 am

The filter. Again.

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Like many others, I oppose the Government’s plans for ISP filtering of our beloved internet. Like many others, I wrote to the Senator Stephen Conroy to outline my opposition, such is the democratic nature of this country; don’t like something, write a letter. Like many others (probably) I got a reply.

Many would think that for me to simply accept the response would be naive. I can assure you that I’m not going to go all turncoat and start heralding the ISP filter as a wonderful friend, and should be embraced like a sweet child dressed in a cuddly bear costume. No. ISP filtering sucks and I think the Government are better off focussing their attention on other matters. Like an internet that isn’t powered by rats in a squeaky wheel.

Today was yet another day that the filter came into focus, and the masses got itself into a frenzy over our pending Chinafication, and the potential impact upon our burgeoning piracy industry.



Ah yes. I can just see the award-winning photos of young “Sebastyen” as he stands alone in front a column of Telstra vans – an act of defiance in the face of an inflexible and unforgiving Australian Communist Party and their iron fisted control over our internet.

As much as that would reek of awesomeness, I do feel compelled to refer to the response I received over my concerns, particularly the FAQ which outlines the model they plan on using.

The Government’s approach will be informed by the filtering technologies adopted in countries such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Canada where ISP filtering, predominantly of child pornography, has been successfully introduced without affecting internet performance to a noticeable level.

Holy crap! You mean that there are other places that are currently using this bastard child of the commies? Heck. Let me look again. Nope, no China. Further Googling found that the system, named Cleanfeed, has been operating in the UK since 2004 and the last time I checked, that country was still a fully functioning democracy. Nope. No China there, either.

Just disregard that bit that outlines the UK’s corruption rank…

The email I received also attached this pdf, which can offer further clarification. Okay, now I’ll repeat that I’m not going to be cheering this proposal on, now that my apparent fear that this country is turning red are assuaged. Heck no. Like many others, I would be far more happier that the government not use taxpayer money to be providing a service that concerned parents should be actively doing themselves anyway.

With the recent Government stimulus package of $1,000, parents would be able to afford a Nintendo Wii ($399), a couple games ($200), a few controllers ($210) as well as a copy of a depravity filter. Provided they buy within Australia, that money can also go to our local retailers too! You see? We can actually make our parents be parents, whilst helping the economy that sorely needs our ravenous and demented consumerism, and all without impacting on those of us who haven’t yet known the “joy” of sacrificing our life to another being. Genius.


China in a box…

Written by Andy

December 22, 2008 at 6:02 pm

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